Problem with code in Vers 10.5

sincea few days ago I worked with Opus Vers 10.2, now after upgrading to Vers 10.5 I have a problem with one code - the button doesnt work anymore.

I have created a 3 "button" code (left, right, middle-scrollwheel)

Button 1 will create a folder in the collection:
dopusrt /cmd Go EXPANDTREE coll://
dopusrt /cmd CreateFolder temp_004
this code is working !

sending a file into this collection folder:
Copy TO="coll://temp_004"
this code is working !

going INTO the coll folder and see the files:
Go Openinright NEWTAB=findexisting PATH=temp_004"
Set VIEW=Thumbnails
is not working anymore !

It DOES create a new tab, but its empty nothig it inside, but if I go to the coll tree and click on this folder, there are file to see which I have send.

Can anyone help me with the code No. 3, I have no clue, I also coded GO REFRESH or REFRESHTHUMBS - nothing has changed.

Thanks for your help!

It seems to work, if you use following:

Set Dest=Toggle Go NEWTAB=findexisting PATH=coll://temp_004 Set View=Thumbnails

So, basically, the "Coll://" part is required.

Thanks a lot, the code is working !!!!! :slight_smile: