Problem with DOpus9 and OA3

I have been having problems with my system for a short while now since I started using Online Armor Ver3 and posted the entry below on the Oline Armor forums to try and resolved the issue

"I received the same error message again today after I did a full reinstall of XP and all software late last week. I did not reinstall True Image this time to try and eliminate one of the suspected 3 programs causing the problem. After the error message and the subsequent stopping of OA 196 I rebooted and the system loaded up to the desktop finishing and then the system fully locked up. Rebooted and all well except Directory Opus would not log any listers (file listing panels). Had to reinstall DOpus and now all is well. So therefore there is an interaction problem between OA Ver3 and DOpus Ver9. Never experienced a problem with OA Ver2 and DOPus9. I have also posted this in the DOpus forum to try and get it resolved. "

This has been happening intermittantly for a couple of months.
Any ideas or input you guys have would be gratefully received.


It's difficult to imagine ways that Opus could cause problems for a firewall program. On the other hand, from experience, it's very easy to imagine how a firewall program could cause problems for Opus and other software. Especially after reading the OA change logs and forums.

Online Armor forums: explorer.exe hanging since 3.0

There are quite a few threads about problems with OA and some NVidia drivers or the NView tool. (I'm not sure if that's graphics or motherboard drivers. The threads seem to suggest it's graphic drivers -- which would be odd as what's a firewall got to do with graphics cards/drivers? -- but I didn't see it said explicitly anywhere.

Online Armor forums: New OA worked for ~2 weeks -- Discusses problems with NVidia drivers and possible solutions. One person mentions Explorer locking up...

Lots of reports of problems if you have multiple firewalls installed, too.

This is just from a very quick search. I'd bet my hat that the problem is nothing to do with Opus.

Online Armor forums: Explorer Error.

Thanks Leo
I certainly was not suggesting a problem with DOpus - I have been using it for quite some time (Years) with little or no problems.
Ver2 of Online Armor played well with other programs but when they attempted to make it Vista compatable with Ver3 the problems started.
My post was more asking for helpful input from the DOpus team on the issue which you kindly provided, many thanks.