Problem with External Drives


I use an External USB Drive for some of my data, and when i try to deactivate the drive when I want to remove it (Win2k), windows tell me that the drive is currently in use. DO is closed it was not in one of the opened listers before closing.
The only sollution for then is to close DO completley from the tray (where the clock is :wink: ) ...
Any hints?


It sometimes happen to me with USB keys. I don't know in which cases it happens (not every time), but when it does, I simply (physically) remove the key without removing it from the system with the Windows tool.

yes, but wehn i do it without deactivate it windwos tell me every 30 minutes or so that he can write on that drive blabla ... a nd i have to reboot ..

With the external drive connected you might want to click on it and view its PROPERTIES. In the properties dialog box click on the HARDWARE tab, and then click on the external drive that should be listed with the other drives in your system. Open the PROPERTIES for that external drive and click on the POLICIES tab to make sure it's set for "Optimize for quick removal"

Doing that probably will not change the way DOpus behaves, but it might stop Windows from nagging you about writing to the drive after it's been disconnected.


nice, i test it later when i'am at home .. :wink:

hmm .. is this feature jsut in XP? .. i have 2K ..

It may be limited to XP. I no longer have access to any Windows 2000 machines so I cannot verify that.

As I recall however, when I did have DOpus installed on a Windows 2000 machine I eventually resorted to just unplugging the drive from the USB port once I knew DOpus was finished reading/writing to it. Windows didn't like it but I never lost any data and I did it that way for over a year.

Likewise on my XP machines now I almost never click the little "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the system tray. I just make sure cache writing is disabled in the properties of the drive, then once I'm done using the flash or external drive, I just unplug it. Unlike Windows 2000, XP doesn't complain about it and I've never lost any data this way either.

Of course I'm not suggesting you try any of the above, I just thought I'd mention my experience with unplugging hardware from USB ports in general.

Have either of you checked to see if you still have these problems since the 8.1 release was made? There was supposed to have been some changes to help this out...

yes, i still ahve to close DO completly (rightclick on the tray icon and close) if i want to deactiavte the external drive .. have version U

Similar behavior can be seen with BestCrypt mounted containers (virtual drives) with DO; when I try to dismount them, BC says there are open files on the container and gives me the option to either cancel or forcefully dismount.

I haven't tested it much but I do know that it happens after I've simply browsed the container and then opened some other folder elsewhere, hence not having the container's contents visible or expanded anywhere anymore.

I hate forcing it to dismount. Makes me feel like I risk losing data every time, even though it's probably fine.

So, could this please be fixed in the next patch? It doesn't make sense having open files/folders on a drive that's not being viewed or otherwise used... :stuck_out_tongue: