Problem with folder configuration

Hello, I have a small problem, by default I have the lister configured in details to only select the file name, sometimes I need to activate the full row selection mode and activate and show certain columns, I have a button to return to the format saved of the directory or tab, that is, it closes the columns that I do not need and returns to the selection of only file name, in dopus 12 it did it without problems but in dopus 13 when I click to restore the saved format everything does fine except Instead of having only the name selected, it now selects the entire name column and I have to go into configuration and select only the file name. I don't know if it's a bug or what problem there is.

What does the button run?

Set FORMAT=!folder

Ah, I know what's causing that. Set FULLROWSELECT=off was changed to switch to the new default mode, which is name-column selection (half way between name-only and full-row).

We need to add a way to specify the other mode, at least. I'll put that on the list.

Thanks for noticing it and telling us!

Thank you Leo for your attention and prompt response, I will wait for the modification

In the next beta (13.0.36), we'll restore the Set FULLROWSELECT=off and ...=toggle commands to their old behavior, so when they turn off full-row they use "filename only" mode.

We'll also add a NameCol parameter which makes turning off full-row use "full width of the Name column" mode, and change the default toolbars to use that.

That means commands like the one you were using will do what they always did again, while the default toolbars can use the new command for consistency with the new defaults in Preferences.

(Up to you whether you use the new default toolbar or keep it without NameCol, of course.)

ok, thanks