Problem with latest version Directory Opus (beta)

My installationhas been updates to the latest beta version (beta) and I have lost the forward and back button functionality. The buttons are greyed out and do not work. (I have also other more subtle settings change like the date is diplayed as dates rather than yesterday etc for previous week)

Anyway rather than stuff around to fix the problem I would prefer to re install the last full beta vesion that I workd fine.

Can you give me a link to the download or advise how to proiceed.

Also I fdo not remembert installing the ugrade to beta but I may have. I d not want betas to install in the future. How can I stop this.



Check under Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Recent List that the recent list is turned on, and that both the recent and history list remember a reasonable number of folders (10 by default).

Turn on Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Show day names in date columns if date is within one week to get the names back.

I don't think these changes are the result of installing a different version, as they're configuration changes which every version of Opus would treat the same.

Have you loaded up another configuration recently? (e.g. Some of the posts in the Themes section here at the forum actually contain full configurations which will overwrite all your settings. There should be warnings on those posts, but maybe we've missed a post, or they were overlooked.)

Or could anything else have happened to your configuration? e.g. A crash while saving the config may have left some of the config file corrupted.

You can always get the latest non-beta version from here:

Beta versions are never automatically downloaded or installed via the Update Checker. The only way to get a beta version is to download it via the web and install it manually, so you shouldn't need to do anything special to prevent it from happening.

Thank you for the detailed reply. I've fixed the problem by restoring a backup of the configuration file. Unfortunately it was 5 months old but better than nothing. I have weekly image back up my c drive and I was wondcering is it possible to copy a newer configutration file manually. If so what is the file called?


In dopus, type in /dopusdata in the location bar. Take note of it's location. Find this location in your backup. Copy the entire contents from the backup to your current /dopusdata location and overwrite (you'll be coping folders like Buttons, Collections, ConfigFiles ... UserCommands). Exit dopus and start again.

Adding to that, it's best to exit Opus first, then do the copy using something else. Otherwise, Opus may have pending config changes which it flushes to disk when you exit it, overwriting some of the files you just copied.

Also, remember that (by default, at least), closing Opus's windows isn't enough to exit it (see here).

My daily backup session for all important files includes the location where DOpus holds its data. This mean's that I have at least w week's worth of data.

How can I move this from the current location to my preferred data repository on a different drive?

Also, from time to time, when a message like this reminds me, I run the built in Backup routine. It is in the Settings menus, unless you have removed it.

You probably knew that already, but it never helps to remind yourself from, time to time that it is there.

PS Just found this as I looked for answer to my question: How to back-up or locate your Opus configuration (Simple).