Problem with opening of files in Folder "documents" and Onedrive

Hi, when opening a file via double click in my document folder i get an error that the file can not be found..
The this is because the link to the file is not set on my local folder but on my onedrive folder where the file does not exist. I can open it with double-click in the windows explorer.
For instance I have the files on C:\Users\myname\Documents\ but when opening it refers to C:\Users\myname\Onedrive\Documents
Is there a possibility to stop this behavior.
Thank you

Which versions of Opus, Windows and OneDrive are you using?

Also, is it the OneDrive built-in to Windows, or the one that's part of Office?

DO - the latest one (12.17) but used as dongle version on my company laptop, Windows 10, Onedrive is - i think a part of the office package but i am not sure. If I drag a pdf in the pdf viewer from my document folder it can open it. But double clicking does not work.

Is the problem the documents folder, or is the problem that double-clicking PDFs doesn't work (in any folder)?

The latter is more common, due to PDF software fighting over registry settings and leaving a mess, so I wonder if that's the real problem?

All documents (jpg pdf docx xlsx txt..) are affected in this folder. Double clicking refers always to the OneDrive document folder. However the viewer pane works correctly. As I said in the windows explorer this all opens without problem.

So double-clicking the same files in Opus works OK if you copy them to another folder?

Could you post a screenshot showing what the folder looks like, with the folder tree turned on as well? That may reveal part of the puzzle.

Please also turn on the Full Path column so we can see where Opus thinks the files really are.