Problem with printing to a printer quietly

I have a button with the following function, which should print the selected file to the printer 'pdfFactory' without the print dialog. However, the print dialog always appears. Is this combination possible?

Print TO=pdfFactory QUIET



Look like it does work for some files.

The first I tried was an .htm which did not work. Now I have tried a .doc and it does work.

For the files where it appears to work, does the same thing happen if you remove the QUIET argument?

The manual suggests that the QUIET argument only affects printing folders and not files:

I suspect files are printed by whatever has registered itself as the Print verb for the file types in question. Whether or not it displays a GUI may be up to it, though I don't know for sure.

You are right, the quiet switch does nothing for files, it appears to be dependant on the file type.