Problem with shortcut to favorites


I want to set a shortcut to display my Favorites but when I add the hotkey:

pressing Ctrl + J doesn't do anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Please see Keyboard shortcut to show Favorites list

Thanks Leo, Alt+A works fine.

However, given the info in the entry for Favorites in Reference > Command Reference > Internal Commands I'm not sure why a hotkey can't be assigned in the manner I tried?

Also, where is Alt+A mentioned in the Opus 10 help?

The Favorites command generates a list of favorite items. It does not cause a menu to open. The page about the Favorites command links to the page about Dynamic Buttons which explains how they work.

The Command Editor page explains how & before a letter in a menu item's label acts as an alt-? hotkey:

If a button's label has an ampersand (&) character before a letter, that letter will be marked as a type of hotkey for that button. When the button is on the top-level of a toolbar, pressing Alt plus that letter activates the button. For example, the File menu's label is actual set to &File - meaning you can press Alt+F to open the File menu. If you want to use a literal ampersand character in the label, you must use a double & instead (e.g. Backup && Restore).

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Thanks for the extra info.

I understand about ampersands / hotkeys, my question was in particular how a new-ish user is meant to know that Alt+A opens the Favorites menu? Given the other thread you linked to in your first reply, I'm not the only user who was completely unaware of it. None of my searches of the help or google searches of the web found it.

Editing the menu to see its label, or searching the forum, are probably the only ways to discover the key at the moment. Most/all menu items have similar keys (any which don't can have them added via the same dialog), and editing the toolbar is the most straightforward way to discover them when it's an icon-only item like the Favorites menu. (The other ones can be seen when you push Alt.)

FWIW, we will be making some changes to the way hotkeys and menu items work which may help here.

In fact, it's already there. I thought this was part of some changes to hotkeys which we have in the pipeline but it's actually old and already in the released versions.

So, if you wanted to give the Favorites menu a hotkey, the thing to do is edit the menu. From there, even if you don't notice the & in the label (green box), you can assign it any hotkey you want via the Hotkey field (red box).

Thanks again, Leo.