Problem With showing HTML 3D objects in viewer pane

I have a lot of html files that show 3D objects. Edge, Chrome & Firefox show the contents without any problem. But it seems viewer pane has problems with these files.

Is there any setting somewhere that I can try?
A sample file is attached if you need to check the contents.

Thank you. (1.6 MB)

Most likely Internet Explorer cannot display that kind of HTML.

We'll be moving the viewer to Edge Chromium in the future, but there isn't any alternative (that I'm aware of, at least) at present. (Unless someone else has made a similar preview handler, which would also work in File Explorer's viewer pane.)

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The version I sent above was made for Edge, Chrome, Firefox.

The version attached to this post is made for Internet Explorer.
None of them can be displayed in viewer pane.

If there's no work around, I'm OK. Just it could be great if I had them in viewer.
thanks anyway. (226.8 KB)

Does it actually display in IE?

The viewer pane just tells IE to display the file. Opus is pretty much out of the picture at that point.

IE version 10 and above displays it.


Doesn't seem like it, given this is a fairly up-to-date Windows 10 machine and MS are not updating IE other than for security fixes these days:

(The error message is wrong as well, since that is IE 10.)

Thanks for your time.
I'll be waiting for the version the viewer is upgraded to Edge Chromium. I hope it solves this issue.

For now I mark this topic as solved.
Thanks again for your quick support.

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