Problem with showing portable devices i.e. Nokia phone


It seems, that Directory Opus has a 'little limitation' regarding clicking the directory contents of 'Portable Devices' out of the 'My Computer' folder: If you try to click on the portable device (in my case 'Nokia N97'), it doesn't open the folder, nor does it show a context menu. It just does nothing!

In windows explorer everything seems to display and work fine! If you open the windows explorer, select 'Nokia N97' and right click on open in Directory Opus the contents of the directory gets displayed. In contrast to the windows explorer, there is no tree open symbol (+ sign) in Directory Opus and the icon has changed. I attached the screenshots of explorer and Directory Opus:

Can someone with a Nokia phone confirm this problem or is this a setting issue?

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Thanks for your help!

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Sorry, forgot to mention, that I'm using Directory Opus !

Does turning off "Native display of 'Computer'" work around it? (See my 2nd reply in the thread you linked.)

If a reboot is not necessary, turning off the option doesn't change anything!
Still not working! Thanks anyway for your help!

Reboot isn't needed (AFAIK, at least).

What if you navigate using the folder tree, rather than the file display?

(In your two screenshots, you have the Explorer folder tree but the Opus file display. That's why there is a + sign and expandable folder in Explorer but not Opus.)

Sh**, you are absolutely right! That's the difference! I'm using only the file display! So the "bug" is, that you cannot double click it and it shows no context menu in the file display, while this is possible in explorer (incl. context menu). Here are the new screenshots:

The problem seems to be fixed now. The Nokia smartphone is double-clickable now :slight_smile:!

Thanks for your help!