Problem with Simple Find?

Hi All,

I have several files tagged with "(#temp)" in the filename, which is something I do to indicate that I don't want to keep the file permanently.

I wanted to use DOpus's find utility to seek out all of these files on my harddrive to review them to see if I needed them anymore, however, looking for the following in DOpus 9.1 Simple Find panel returns unexpected results:

Name matching: (#temp).*
Use wildcards: checked

This returns the two files I expected to see, as well as a couple I didn't:


I was expecting the "(#temp)" part of the pattern to be treated as a literal string, but it appears that something else is happening?

Again, this is on the Simple tab rather than the Advanced tab, so there shouldn't be regex stuff taking place, should there?

Can anyone confirm this behaviour, and is it a bug?

All the best,


( and ) are pattern matching characters (see the appendix near the back of the manual for a full list of them and their meanings) so if you want to search for a literal # ( or ) you have to escape them as '# '( and ')

(Those are apostrophes (aka single quotes), not a backticks, if it's unclear in your browser's font.)


My original reply above was incorrect as I didn't realise that ( and ) needed escaping as well. I've edited it and it should be accurate now.

Thanks nudel. I guess I'd expected the simple tab to be pretty much as simple as Windows XP's own built-in search pattern matching. Not that I'm unhappy that DO is more versatile!

All the best,