Problem with the folder tree

Don't know if it's designed by purpose, but there's a strange behavior within the folder tree. Here is the way to reproduce it :

  1. Click a folder in the folder tree for example c:\tmp.
  2. tmp opens in the lister. OK
  3. Now click the c: root in the folder tree...
    --> the lister doesn't update to match the c: root, it still display the content of the c:\tmp dir. I need to click another dir in the folder tree and then the c: root to display its content.

Strange... Is it "normal" or do i have check an option in the preferences for this to happen ?

NB : I use DO 8.2 and XP SP2.

Works fine here no matter what combination of settings I try. Although I only usually turn the tree on to test things for these forums so I may have missed something.

hmmm, i've tried to unlock the folder tree and then lock it again and now the bahavior is normal again. I don't know what happened...

Sorry for the annoyement.