Problem with USB device

I have a problem using usb device and Dopus.

When i want to disconnect a usb key, it seems that opus still handle the key and doesn't allow the removing. A Windows message says that a processus still has access to the device. When i close opus, still thes same problem and i must kill the dopus process using alt+ctrl+del to remove the key safely.

With usb hard drive it's even worst, even when killing the dopus process i can't remove the drive.

I use winxp (didn't try this under w2k), but under explorer ther's no problem.

You shouldn't have to resort to killing Opus, just exit it via the Exit command (which is in the Tray Icon's menu by default but can also be added to toolbars or a hotkey if you like).

If you find that the device is still locked even after Opus is running then some other program is probably holding a lock as well.

Note that Opus doesn't always lock external devices like this. Lately for me it's only done it very rarely but I can confirm that it does happen sometimes. It's probably triggered by some sort of action which is why some people see it more than others. GPSoft have been made aware of the issue and hopefully a fix will be available soon.

I actually have similar problems with Dopus seemingly hanging onto file/dir handles... but it doesn't just happen on USB devices... though it has happened there as well. I had even set up a button to do a PSKILL DOPUS, but the regular Close PROGRAM method you just pointed to is much nicer thanks.

It's a weird problem... I have not been able to nail down the specific sequence of events that brings me to this problem, but once it happens I usually can't delete or rename certain folders. Using HANDLE against the folder name in question sure enough shows Dopus as the owning process :frowning:. Strange problem... but only a real showstopper when Dopus is otherwise busy doing something (like a large file copy/transfer) that prevents me from being able to kill it in order to free up the locked handle.

At least with Opus 8 I've only seen and heard about it hanging on to removable drives, and the drive itself rather than any particular file or directory on it.

If you're using Opus 8 and finding that dopus.exe is holding locks on files and directories that it isn't showing then that is something new. But remember that the problem may not be Opus itself; any plugin DLL (including Explorer shell extensions and Opus viewer plugins) can lock files in Opus's name and it can be very hard to track down which DLL is responsible.

Ok, i found a solution for this problem.
To disconnect a usb device, the content of the device must not be diplayed in the pans. Simply switch to another drive and now it works.
This works under XP Pro sp1.

But it's a strange behavior that explorer doesn't have.

It's worth giving the new 8.1 preview release a try as I think this is one thing which is supposed to be fixed (locking of removable drives).