Problem with USB Pen Drive

Hello Jon...

I am working with DO8.0.3.3 ANSI.

I have two USB Pen Drives.

One of them, DO finds as a fixed drive (it becomes drive E: after C: and D:, both hard drives). The other, which has two partitions, it finds as removable, B: and E:.

While I do not understand the difference, (both rely on native WinXP drivers), it has never been a problem.

However, having installed, and tried a few different tasks, I plugged in my second USB Pen Drive, a Legend 1GB drive, the one DO sees as removable.

It added B: and E: to the drive button bar in the usual way, without a problem, but immediately I clicked on the E: drive, (or the B: drive for that matter), up popped the dialogue:

"Directory Opus has encountered a program error and needs to close...

The error (0xC0000005) occurred in thread 0xC38 at address 0x0."

The dialogue give the option to restart DO, but if I do, the error immediately recurs.

I tried rebooting, but that made no difference. I then tried the drive which DO sees as fixed, (a 256MB Setec drive) and it worked without a problem.

I experimented with the NEWTAB argument to DRIVEBUTTONS, but it made no difference, whether it was there or not.

I can confirm that this problem did not occur with

Hi Bernie (and others),

It seems like something went askew with the ANSI build - not sure what yet, but we will get another one out in an hour or so that will hopefully fix these weird problems.

Sorry about the inconvenience!


I must say, Jon, an apology is the last thing I'd expect.

I cannot conceive how you achieve so much in such a short time! This is nothing short of brilliant. I am promoting it every chance I get.

Congrats again!

There's a new version of the preview available for download now which hopefully fixes the reported ANSI glitches. Same file name but it is actually version now. Let us know how it goes.

[quote]jon wrote:
There's a new version of the preview ... Let us know how it goes.[/quote]

Looks good to me Jon.

No problems with the USB Pen Drive and the Tab Groups are correctly opening on the active lister pane in dual views.