Problems Linking My Account?

Should be simple, not sure why I keep getting errors, but within my profile in my user details here in the forum, I am trying to match the email in my forum profile to the email address my version of purchased software is registered to. Every time I try to change the email of record in my profile here, it tells me that it is already in use? The only place I have used this particular email addy is here, today, & also today, when I updated my email address of record within the main DO website... Suggestions? I just want to link my reg. code with my forum account...

Thank you!

Tony Hansen & the Seattle Seahawks, LOL!

The email address doesn't need to match for the account to link; it just needs a valid registration code to be entered.

If you let me know the address, I can find out which account it using it currently.

Hey, Leo, thanks for the speedy reply!

I am trying to use the email address: <removed>, for both here in the forum & on the main site where we register our purchase of the software. Dr. Perry emailed me yesterday to confirm my details, I went into my account settings on the main site & updated my email address, but on the FORUM site, every time I try to put the email/reg. code combo in the user details, it tells me they are already in use... I even re-downloaded my license & re-installed it once I changed the email address, so that in my desktop install it reflects the most up-to-date info... Can't figure it out... can you check my reg. code for me? Here it is: <removed>

Thanks for your help!

Please don't post your registration code in public. I've edit it out to stop anyone from grabbing it.

The email address is used by @RadOne which seems to be your account as well. But that isn't the account that is linked to the registration code, so there must be a third account. We'll track that down and let you know. (I don't have access to that database myself so it'll take a bit longer.)

No worries! Yeah, I remembered the User Name, but not the password or the email associated with it... I have a feeling it is my old work email at & I no longer work for them & have no access... Sorry about the Reg. Code, I must have thought that was a PM, LOL; thanks for lookin' out!

Thank you, Leo!

We found the third account and have moved the linking over to your current one. You shouldn't need to do anything.