Problems opening a particular file Directory Opus

Hiya peeps

I really hope that you can help me out with this little problem i am having.

I use a Desktop tool called AveDeskthat allows you to have various 'widgets' on the windows backdrop (or on top..etc..). A while ago a new version of this software came out which added support for downloading '.aveinst' files which can be opened in explorer and automatically get added to the widgets in AveDesk.

I have done this in explorer fine with no problems but have thus far been unable to get the double click on the file to work in DOpus :confused:

I didnt think that it would be DOpus having the problem so I left a message onthe forums of the AveDesk software. The creator got back to me and have said it sounds as though DOpus is handling the double clickon the file in the same way that firefox does (firefox wont open the file from the 'open' download dialogue)

I dont know if this is of any use, but this is what he posted:
(I dont believe he is having a dig at DOpus on purpose!)

Both applications don't launch files how they should be launched.
AveDesk uses a COM IDropTarget implementation for AveInst, AveTheme & AveDesklet files.
When a file is invoked the right way the shell should pick this up and call avedesk's idroptarget object for the appropriate file.
A way of invoking a file the right way is to grab its contextmenu and launch the default item. Firefox seems to not do this.
Directory Opus probably does things simple (and wrong!) too.

When a file is not invoked wrongly, it simply launches the file itself, and thus bypassing any methods that don't rely on the "application.exe $file_to_open" method.

I have tried adjusting the filetype so that avedesk.exe file.aveinst gets call but that does not work and complains that the software is already running.

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My two cents:

I've rambled on at length in this other thread about how to find out via the registry what Explorer is doing when Dopus behaves differently.

I guess there are 'other ways' to register file type events such as what the AveDesk developer is talking about which do NOT leave the same shell command footprint in the registry the way I describe in the thread above. I imagine it should be possible for GPSoft to someday change the way Dopus invokes double-click event handlers, but for the time being you should be able to fix it yourself for now by editing the Dopus file type for these extensions and changing the dblclk event to run the command: ContextMenu VERB=Open or something similar depending on what the actual command should be for that filetype - i.e. it's not always 'Open'.

Thanks for the reply to my post :slight_smile:

I altered the filetype setting for the double click and it worked! (the windows filetype is set for 'open' in its advanced options).

I thought great so I then turned my attention to Firefox and told firefox to open 'aveinst' file types with DOpus, hopefully making the file open correctly. Unfortunately this didnt happen, all it did was open a lister up where i saved the file to (which isnt too bad).

At this point I thought ok, I can live with that so I downloaded another aveinst file and clicked open in firefox. As before a new DOpus lister opened with the file in it, from here I double-clicked the file, hoping that it would load into the AveDesk program - it didnt.. All I got instead was another lister open again with the same file listing before :confused:

(AveInst files are renamed zip files with a xml instruction on how to install them)

Any ideas where to go from here? could firefox be locking the process or something when I tell it to open via Dopus? double clicking the aveinst files after a reboot doesnt work for me either now, so i am kinda clueless where to look now!

The first time I tried it I used:

'ContextMenu VERB=Open' in the dblclick settings, After it didnt work I tried the same eith the FILE option added, and that didnt work either :confused:

Thanks for the help so far, but if you have any other ideas how to get this working reliably could you let me know? thanks :slight_smile:

Oh, I am just reading the other thread you posted about so hopefully I may find a answer in there :slight_smile:

Hmmm... not sure why trying to set Dopus to open the file in Firefox would have screwed anything up the way you describe, but it makes sense it wouldn't have opened the file. Telling Firefox to run Dopus.exe against the file doesn't actually tell it to 'invoke the double-click action in Dopus for the file' ya know? If you check the Dopus config now it still shows your ContextMenu command for dblclk? How about if you look at the 'open' action? It doesn't say 'Go' now does it? The only other think I can think of is if the registry's 'open' action has now somehow been set to run Dopus.exe for the file... I'd try double-clicking in Explorer now and see what happens, but you might also want to try reinstalling AveDesk as long as that doesn't screw up any existing config changes you may have made.

Hiya again,

You know whats really annoying - when you do things six times over and it doesnt work, you send a message to the forum asking for help spending ages going through all the details.. then after doing that, it just decides to start working for absolutely no reason what-so-ever! - yeah, thats right - it now works!?!?

Ok, is there anyway to make firefox open the file via directory opus? that way I could set up neumerous other things like that to work too..

I have left my original post in below, just incase you were interested...

Thanks for the reply again - it just goes to show that I had not thought what I was doing with firefox through properly.

Anyway, as you suggested at the end of your post I tried running the 'aveinst' file in explorer instead. It worked absolutely fine without any problems and installed the widget as it whould do. Trying the same in dopus doesnt do anything other than give:
'This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Folder Options control panel' (As I said, the file itself opens perfectly well in explorer so DOpus is getting mixed up somewhere I think..)

Ok, back to the registry again:

under HKCR there is the .aveinst section. This contains a REG_SZ with the data AveDesk.AveInstallFile

Further down the registry list I find the 'AveDesk.AveInstallFile' branch, this appears to contain the data that tells explorer what to do with the file type. In this branch there is a folder called CLSID with a REG_SZ (default) with data value of '{E971912D-4653-4EF4-9177-9E1DDDF18E6C}'.
Then there is the 'DefaultIcon' branch which from what I can tell tells it to use icon 4 from the avedesk.exe (I think I am right in assuming that).
Next there is shell with a subfolder of 'open'. this also has another subfolder of 'droptarget' with another REG_SZ (named CLSID again) value same as above in the braces (I believe the droptarget one is due to the fact you can drag n drop aveinst files onto the avedesk control panel window to install them).

Thats it, thats all I can see to do with the actual aveinst extension in the registry - there are other avedesk related ones too but from what I have quickly looked at none appear to be to do with that. Would I be correct in assuming the CLSID is what tells explorer what to do? if so, how can I get DOpus to understand this?

Right clicking the file in explorer and telling it to 'Open' works without a problem - do the same in DOpus and I get the 'Open with' dialogue instead.

I really appreciate the help you have given me so far on this matter steje, if you have any other ideas now that I have expanded on the registry information could you please let me know? (and recap over possible solutions again to perhaps finish this thread off if it appears its a dead end?)

Many Thanks,
Sam Thomas

Well, you're plenty welcome dude - I'm glad it's working for you now, but out of curiosity have you asked the AveDesk guys if there's a way to use the application directly to 'open' the file from firefox?

The only thing I can think of is possibly to try calling the Dopus command router (dopurt.exe) to try to invoke the same thing we did 'inside' Dopus from FF.

Try this:
"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /cmd ContextMenu VERB=Open

Dopusrt.exe (with the /cmd switch) lets you 'route' internal Dopus commands to the application from outside the application. For some reason I don't think thid will work though - but hey worth a shot. You might need to stick a "%1" somewhere in there.