Problems renaming files and folders (MalwareBytes related)

I have been using Opus for some time now but just recently when I try and rename a file or folder I get an error message saying that the file or folder is in use. I am just clicking on the file/folder to rename it, sometimes I have opened the folder to check the contents and maybe opened an image with the viewer but I have always closed the folder afterwards. It is now also happening without opening the folder.

The other error comes when I try to move a file or folder. The error message says it is in use. I have been checking just to see if I have a program open in which I used the file/folder even though I know that there is nothing running in the background.

Are you using MalwareBytes?

Yes and have been for some time.

That's probably the cause:

Your right I am running Windows 10 with MalwareBytes and when I quit MalwareBytes I had no problem changing folder/filenames. Its odd how it only recently started because I have been running the program for some time and it has been okay up to now. I notice that there is an update for MalwareBytes but have not yet installed it yet so cannot comment on how effective it is but at least I know how to get around this problem.
Thanks for your help.

have been using the latest version of Malwarebytes for 2 week and no problems

I can confirm Onedot3 is correct, latest version of Malwarebytes seems to have fixed the issue.

Okay, latest version of Malwarebytes has been installed and I can confirm that everything is back to to normal. The trials and tribulations of working with computers seem never ending, you have to wonder how one change in a program has such an effect on another one.

I would never have connected the two and solved the problem without all your help, so thanks a lot guys.

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I have this issue right now in 2018 - this is a very old thread.
The problem is not linked to just one folder, so individual folder fixes aren't going to be of much use. I use Opus 10 and Windows 7 64bit Pro and I have 8GB RAM, Core i5 (HP 8200 SFF). This didn't used to happen, is there some system-wide setting that has changed? It seems to happen on my external HDD and only when a folder structure already existed - I tried creating a new one, putting a file in there and folder moves without issue, but if I try to move an existing one, it presents the DOPUS elevate dialog, then says Access Denied. I used LockHunter and could see, "System: no path for the process" I can create a new folder, copy, then delete the old one, but that's not much use.

Are you using MalwareBytes? If so, it's the cause and you just need to update it.

Hi, thanks but I have Malwarebytes Pro and it is at v3.4.4 and says that it is 'current'...

OK, I just saw your notification for the MWB 3.4.5 upgrade and I've done that, I'll check...

I've just tried moving a few folders around and it works! Thanks, saved me hours of sleuthing...