Problems searching for text in Textviewer

I posted this aproximately a year ago, but seeing that the problem persists with 8.2, here I go again:

I use DOPUS 8.2 on a german Win 2K SP4. When I user the incorporated DOpus-Textviewer and then try to search for a certain Textphrase i get following result:

This happen quite often. I just type in the phrase i´m looking for an I get this response... Somtimes I can´t even call the search-dialog using [Ctrl][F] and I have to use the context-menu...

Has anyone an idea?

From your screenshot that looks like the Source Code Viewer plugin, not the standard Opus text viewer. You'll need to talk to Rhinobanga about any problems you have with it.

Which version of SCV are you using?

An issue like this was fixed several months ago:

// 07/05/05
// ! Fixed the issue where a failed search displayed garbage in the error box.