Problems with Context menu

Hey guys and gals,

I've used Dopus over the past 1 and a half year, or so, and never had problems. But since a week I'm experiencing big problems with the context menu. When I right click a file it takes forever to open the context menu and dopus is running at 100% CPU. Do you have any idea? I tried to reinstall Dopus and it works for some time, but then it starts being slow again.
My operating system is WinXP, I have 1 gig of RAM
Did I forget anything important you need to know? If, just post it.

Thank you all very much for any help,

Check the FAQs under Troubleshooting -- General:

Crash, exit or high CPU usage when right-clicking certain files


Thank you very, very much. Even if your solution didn't fix the problem directly, it helped me get on the right track.
The problem was, that my SendTo folder did not exist, for whatever reason. Now windows put the whole workspace in the SentTo context menu (!) including all network drives (!). Of course this took forever to check if those drives are online.


The SENDTO seems to be a problem for me to.....unlike my other filemanagers, this seems to evaluate the SENDTO on the right other managers don 't appear to evaluate until you actually hover/click the SENDTO item in the menu.

I disabled the SENDTO csid in the PREFERENCES section and the conext menu magically popups upon right click