Problems with Excel 2007 in quick view


DO shows me Excel 2007 files correctly in quick view. But I can't open them. Seems that the quick viewed file is locked. If I close quick view, there is Excel in task bar, but when I want to maximize it, the window is empty.

The AcitveX plugin setting to make temporary copies of files before viewing them might help (at least if it's a .xls file).

BTW you should see the same thing if you view an Excel file in IE and then try to open it. Microsoft Office is a bit backwards, to be honest.

I have the same Problems with xls Files. But just with Microsoft Excel 2007. It works fine with Word and Powerpoint 2007. There is no problem.

When I try to open the file direct in Excel while seeing it in the viewer, then Excel starts in the background. But i just see the blue background of the software. No sheet is open.

When I change the file in DOpen to an other type then the blank Excel background leaves.

And I have checked the AcitveX plugin. Temporary copies of files before viewing is activated.

Thank you for help