Problems with 'File Display Modes'

Just evaluationg DOpus 10 and I've been experimenting with File Display Modes. I think there may be some problems; perhaps someone can confirm if this behaviour is correct/by design or not:

  1. If I tick 'Display grid lines' and choose one of the various line patterns then the display draws the line acrosss the full width of the lister window, including the filename area (which is what I want/expect) but if I choose the solid pattern to display entries in alternate colour bands (white and grey) then these only appear for the non-filename columns (which is not what I want/expect). This seems inconsistent.

  2. If I turn on Extra line spacing with the default value of 1 then the solid/dashed lines (see (1) above) do not show in the filename area but do show for the rest of the columns. If I increase the value to 2 or more they show everywhere. Again this seems inconsistent.

Are these bugs or intended behaviour?

Thanks, Chris

In Settings -> Preferences -> Display -> Options, make sure Blend file background colors with background is turned on. If it is already, try reducing it to 40% or so.

Thanks for that suggestion. That fixes issue#1 (I used 35%) but doesn't make any difference with issue #2.


Please post a screenshot of #2.