Problems with mounted volumes (as directories) under Vista

I have some issues with DO under Vista. My hd is partitioned into severals volumes. One of them is mounted as a directory under C:. Whenever i do changes on that volume (e.g. copy or delete files) i have to hit refresh to see the changes. The option to detect changes on network drives is activated.

Sometimes, on first access of the volume (or the "directory"), DO even crashes on me, can't reproduce that, it seems rather random.

Are there any fixes for this behaviour?

See this FAQ: Changes to folders are not always detected

Follow the debugging process that it describes and let us know what comes out.

I get the following error:

[8108] dopus: Notify 03AAA558 Returned 68 bytes, error 0

If it says "error 0" then it's really a success. Was anything reported after that?

Also, do the drives you are mounting as directories have their own drive letters as well or are the mount points the only way to access them? (I don't know if it makes any difference but it might.)

Nothing else related to DOpus, the volumes are mounted as directories only.

Just to make sure: they still don't update, only after hitting F5.

Example: if I copy a file from my drive C: to a folder inside the folder of the mounted volume (for example: C:\mount\data) I only see the file after the F5-refresh. Doesn't make any difference if it's the folder itself or a subfolder.

Forgot to mention: I'm using the latest version, as mentioned in your signature.

Having same problem.