Problems with {mp3track}

While cataloging and renaming .mp3 files, I'm using the {mp3track} file information field. The problem is that it won't insert a leading zero for tracks 1-9. Is there a way around this?

Use {mp3track|#2} to pad to 2 digits.

I have the rename specified as follows:

{mp3artist}{mp3album}{mp3track} {mp3title|#2}.mp3

It will correctly create the folder and move the files... but the track number is still just displaying a single digit. I even modified the .mp3 tag to ensure that it had a 2 digit track number... although I don't think this should be required. Either way, it didn't work.

Looks like you added the #2 to mp3title rather than mp3track :slight_smile:

yeahhhh... just saw that :blush:

It's working fine now.