Problems with my preview/thumbnails


when i go mouseover on an image, normaly it shows me the thumbnail of that picture in a infotipp.

but it only shows me some pictures, no jpg, gif or stuff like that, only bmp files, i checked all filetypes, but everything seems ok.

any hints?

Normally the individual image filetypes themselves don't have anything defined on their Info Tip page which means they fall back on the Images File Type Group whose Info Tip includes the thumbnail and various EXIF information (if available).

Can you confirm that:[ul][li]The Images file type group has an Info Tip that looks right.[/li]
[li]The individual image filetypes (jpg, gif, etc.) don't have any Info Tip set that would override the Images one.[/li]
[li]The individual image filetypes are part of the Images group.[/li][/ul]To check the last point, that the types are in the Images group, find each types and verify that it says Images in the Groups column, like in the attached screenshot.

If all of that is okay, do you get thumbnails for these images when you switch to thumbnails mode?