Problems with .rar files

I have faced 2 problems with opening .rar files:

  1. If I accidentally insert the wrong password to extract the files from some protected .rars (not all of them and not following an obvious common pattern) it seems like the (wrong) password is somehow memorized in dopus. If I instantly try to repeat the operation, dopus does not show the dialogue to insert a new (correct) password and - instead - insists (unsuccessfully of course) to extract the contents by using the previous (wrong) password. If I let the operation aside for a few minutes, do other things, and try again a little later, everything goes back to normal unless of course I re-insert a wrong password and then a new - identical - cycle is opened. winrar does not have this problem, i.e. I can insert the wrong password as many times as I want (failing of course to extract the contents) and readily repeat the process. I have observed this to happen only in, lets say, 5% of the encrypted rars. Unfortunately I'm not skilled enough to understand what is the difference between those rars and the "normal" ones.
  2. dopus cannot extract the final contents of split rar files (i.e. *.part1.rar, *part2.rar etc.) that contain .zip files. This means that I have to repeat the operation twice. First extract the .zip file and then and only then unzip and extract the final contents. I cannot go to the "root files" by extracting them with one operation, i.e. by opening the rar file then opening the zip file and then - finally - extracting. winrar is not facing this problem: it opens the compressed files one by one and extract the contents in a single process.
  1. From memory (so this may be wrong), it may depend on the version of RAR used to make the archives, as it was not always possible to tell if errors were due to a bad password or something else. If you can point to some archives and passwords to test with, we can take a look in more detail.

  2. Opening zip files which themselves are inside of rar files (without extracting them first) has never really been supported. I'm not sure we ever will as it's a pain to make that work, and there isn't really any good reason to put a zip inside a rar that I know of. Maybe one day, but it's a very low priority.