Problems with sync DOpus v. 11.19 x64

I have a folder called Data on my Desktop HD that I occasionally mirror onto an external USB3 HDD.
The folder has around 1TB data in many files, nothing specific like extremely many very small files or few very large files, just normal CAD data, no long filenames, etc. Now it takes a few minutes for DO to compare the folders and decide the actions. Then, some files are marked to be deleted on the mirror side, but despite hitting "synchronize" the files are not always deleted. Then again, if I hit "compare" again, it shows that not all files have been copied over/synced, and none of the files have actually been deleted - I am offered some more files to copy and the same files to delete. Doing so a few times seems to finally have copied all the files, but none of the files have been deleted. This is a show stopper for me, being used to reliability of rsync. The free FreeFileSync takes a fraction of the time needed by DO to compare the folders and it always works as it shoud - in one pass the files are updated and non-existent files are deleted - all in one pass, no further actions needed. Please guide me how to fix it or circumvent it. Thanks, Dominik

If you turn off Preferences / File Operations / Deleting Files / Delete to Recycle Bin where possible (supports undo), does it work then, or still have the problem?

Among files reluctant to be deleted were very small ones, so I doubt there was not enough space in the Bin - but I will check the next time the problem occurs.

This does not, however, solve the problem with extremely long folder comparison times. Why is FreeFileSync sooo much faster?

Have there been any changes/bug fixes related to syncing in DO 12?


PS After what I did after you (disable recycle bin) DO now never asks me for confirmation to delete files. It does so only when the bin delete is allowed. This is very annoying.

Is Preferences / File Operations / Deleting Files / Ask for confirmation before commencing delete turned on?

It's not the size of the files, but bugs in the Windows Recycle Bin API that I'm wondering about. Windows sometimes says it succeeded to recycle things but instead doesn't do anything, which seems to happen more when it is given a list of files in lots of different locations, or filepaths of a very specific length, from what I can tell.

We have made some improvements, but I can't say for sure if they'll apply to your particular situation. Trying a trial version would be best, if it's the only part of 12 that you would want.

"Preferences / File Operations / Deleting Files / Ask for confirmation before commencing delete" is turned on.
I exited and restarted the program, still the same. Also two other "Ask for confirmation" options are turned on (when not using Bin) Any ideas how to fix?
PS. The confirmation dialog is missing only if I press shift-delete. I disabled Recycle Bin in the settings as you suggested to fix the sync problems. And indeed if I press Delete it does ask for confirmation to delete (not recycle). But shift-delete DELETES my files without any confirmation dialogs.

ping - how to reactivate confirmation dialog when deleting via shift+del

The Shift+Delete hotkey, as well as the Delete button on the default toolbar, both run the Delete SHIFT command.

The SHIFT argument makes the Delete command change when the shift key is held down. What it does depends on if the Recycle bin is in use or not:

  • If the Recycle Bin is in use, holding shift will bypass the recycle bin and delete the files directly.

  • If the Recycle Bin is not in use, holding shift will act like the ALL and FORCE arguments are in use, which suppress confirmation prompts (among other things; full details in the Delete command docs).

So you could edit the hotkey and/or toolbar button to remove the SHIFT argument from the command.

If you aren't using the Recycle Bin then there is no real reason to use Shift-Delete instead of Delete on its own, if the only reason to use Shift-Delete before was to bypass the Recycle Bin (since it's already being bypassed). But if you're in the habit of pushing Shift-Delete and worried about doing that by mistake, editing the button/hotkey will remove that risk.