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Program error 0xC0000005?

I'm getting the follwing error periodically. Generally when DOpus is running the in the background, and I haven't touched it in a while.


Let me know how I can give you more info, like a log or something.

Windows 10
DOpus v12.17

Information on how to find and submit crash logs here:

Just sent the minidumps in a private message!

Sorry for the delay, I had gone home after you replied last time, and it hasn't happened since then. Ironically, it happened 3 times in a row today - twice when I tried reopening DOpus after the initial crash.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for sending the crash dumps.

The crash is happening in a Windows DLL, when the folder tree asks the OS for the label of a network drive (by the look of things).

Sometimes that can be caused by memory corruption that Opus itself or another DLL (e.g. 3rd party shell extensions) has caused, but all three dumps crash in exactly the same place in the same Windows DLL, so it looks likely to be a fault of the DLL itself to me.

The dumps indicate you have not updated Windows 10 in two years, so that would be the first thing I would try. Please do that and let us know if you still get the crash.

Hmm, that makes sense - I see DOpus disconnecting and reconnecting to the networked drives sometimes. And if I leave a tab open to a networked drive folder, eventually it'll get cleared (as in just show the default "This PC").

Think you can narrow it down to a 3rd party shell extension? Or let me know which DLL exactly?

Unfortunately, it's a PC at work so I have no control over the updates.

From what I can see, it's more likely to be a bug in Windows 10 which was fixed later on. The DLL that's indicated did have some crashes in it in the past.

You could try disabling shell extensions via ShellExView but the dumps don't point to any, only to one of the system DLLs, so if the problem is caused by an extension it could only be found via trial & error. But it seems more likely it's a bug in the old system DLL.

Damn, so best bet is to just wait till my company decides to update Windows?

I think the only alternative would be to turn off the folder tree, or disconnect that network drive. The crash is happening in when the tree asks Windows for the network drive's icon.

It's probably this bug, which also made Explorer crash in relation to network drives:

That has some suggestions in it but I'm not sure if they'd work, unless you have some network drives pinned to the Quick Access folder (in which case definitely try unpinning them to see if that helps, or turn off Quick Access in the Opus folder tree).

There are several other threads about the same DLL crashing Explorer in (mostly) older versions of Windows but the ones I found didn't mention network drives, so that thread seems the most relevant to what you're seeing.

I'll take a look at that thread then.

I do have networked drives in DOpus's Favorites - would that cause the issue as pinning to Quick Access?

Removing them is worth a try, but it might happen if the icon is anywhere that is displayed by the tree (e.g. under This PC or Network).

It may also not be restricted to the folder tree, since the same icons are displayed in other places (but only when you go to the network drive, or a folder like This PC).

The option Preferences / Folders / Names and Icons / Show generic icons for... in Opus may help here, but I'm not sure if it applies to the network drives themselves, or only files and folders on the drives. Worth a try as well, though.