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Program Error Encountered

I am receiving this error message: "Directory Opus has encountered a program error. "

"The error (0xC0000005) occurred in thread 'dopus_function' at address 0x767EA905.

The thread that encountered the error may be non-critical and it is possible
that it can be safely terminated allowing Directory Opus to continue running.

However, the behavior of Directory Opus after terminating this thread can not
be guaranteed. Would you like to try to terminate this thread?"

Weather I answer "YES" or "NO" makes no difference, it will still crash again. :confused:

Crashes are almost always caused by shell extensions, and occasionally by bugs in Opus itself.

Where to start depends on which action(s) trigger the crash.

The following guides should help:

[ul][li]Crash, exit or high CPU usage when viewing certain directories[/li]
[li]Crash, exit or high CPU usage when right-clicking certain files[/li]
[li]Crash dumps for bug reports[/li]
[li]General slowdown or instability investigation steps[/li][/ul]