Program opens selected file in lister

As a new user I am a little confused about what I think is the synchronous and asynchronous functions.
I have a floating toolbar in which I have drag-and-dropped programs from the start menu.

By default, if I have a file selected in a lister the program I launch from the floating toolbar will open that file. I would like to avoid this somehow without editing each button manually. Is there a way to do this? I have tried to deactivate the function_default_async without any luck...


That sounds like it has nothing to do with sync/asynchronuous launching.
I'd check wether the actual button code put's selected files behind the program to launch. By default, DO does that autom. whenever you drag exe files to a toolbar (iirc). So just remove any {filepath$} {f} codes behind the path to your program.

To edit a button, enter customize mode and.. I guess you know the rest if you make use of floating bars. o)

You are correct. DO adds {filepath} to the button automatically. But is there any way to avoid this? I would rather not have to manually edit all my buttons. I don't mind starting over and adding them again, but I would rather not edit the command for each button. I have two computers so it is going to take a long time.

Here's the relevant part of the Editing the Toolbar page in the manual:

[ul][li]Add a button that runs an external program

To add a button that launches an external program, you can simply drag the program's icon (or a shortcut to the program) and drop it on the toolbar. For example, you could drag a shortcut from the Windows Start menu, or a program icon from the C:\Program Files directory.

By default, {filepath} is added to the program's command line. This makes the button run the program once for each selected file or folder, passing the path as a command-line argument. (If no files or folders are selected then the button will run the program once without arguments.) If you want the button to ignore any selected items and always launch the program on its own, hold the Ctrl key down when you drop the program on the toolbar; this prevents {filepath} from being added.[/li][/ul]

If you don't want the {filepath} argument on the existing buttons, you will need to edit them to remove it.

When creating buttons for new programs, hold Ctrl down as you drop them on the toolbar to prevent {filepath} being added.

Nice! All I had to do was to hold Ctrl when moving the button to the toolbar. Thanks leo :slight_smile:

If you haven't just CTRL dragged your apps to your toolbars again already, then for faster editing of all the current buttons, you can just open the <your_toolbar_name>.DOP file from the /dopusdata\buttons folder in notepad and search for the {filepath} string and delete it for any buttons you don't want it...

If you do edit the toolbar by hand in a text editor, be sure to make a backup, since it is a good way to mess up the whole toolbar. :slight_smile: