Programmable action when (Ctrl or Alt)-clicking on a tab?


I would like to link tabs with navigation lock enabled by default. It's my main reason for linking tabs, and the navigation lock is enhanced via a plugin which keeps the left and right panes in sync even if it needs to make directories in the DEST pane to do so.

Can I change what clicking on the tab does? I know ctrl-click makes the tab active and linked to the active tab in the alternate pane. I was wondering if there is an option to bind that to a macro and override the built in default behaviour.


We'll add a script event in the next update that will let scripts intercept clicks on tabs and override the default behaviour.

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The onTabClick function works perfectly. I've now replaced ctrl-click on a tab with
'Go TABLINK=toggle,navlock'
which does exactly what I need.

Many Thanks

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