Programs launched from a desktop lister in admin mode?

hello all,

i noticed that programs or shortcuts launched form desktop under dopus while the button (run in admin mode) is held down aren't launched in admin mode and i'm still asked to allow elevating privileges, is that normal?

ps: how can i know if an app is running in admin or uac mode?


Desktop is a virtual folder that Explorer handles for Opus so the double-click is probably being handled by Explorer which doesn't know about Opus's admin mode.

If you go to /desktopdir instead then you can view the real directory which contains your desktop files, where admin mode will work normally.

Use Process Explorer and add the Integrity Level column. Administrator proceses will be running with High instead of Medium.

(This only applies to processes which were launched elevated. Processes which start normally, at Medium integrity, and then request elevation for certain functions will still be shown as Medium integrity.)

thanks... perfect answer :bulb: