Progress cat

there is maybe the possibility that a cat walks on your file transfer window or it's me who is getting crazy?

Thanks :smiley:

No need for a cat scan. :smiley: There have been some cat sightings lately.

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I would like to voluntarily invoke the Pirate King Kitten of Opus. How may I do this? Perhaps it may be possible to create a spell (implement) so that we could summon the Pirate King Kitten of Opus through a key spell word (button) or ritual (scripting)?

The magic word is abracadabra konami.

Without trying to spoil the mystery, I remember Preferences window was also involved in summoning it, but I forgot the details. Can we get a hint? :smiley:

You've had a hint :slight_smile:

The adventures start! We must hunt down this elusive Pirate King Kitten of Opus, codename: konami.

Today's Diary: I have tried searching for konami in my personal bag of artifacts (preferences) to no avail. I have even tried setting down the personal bag and yelling (typing) ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A and got very questionable stares. I also tried praying to Nyan Cat but got nothing except for a strawberry toast (which was very delicious, by the way). I will try my luck again tomorrow. I would totally appreciate another hint though! wink wink winking very hard

Perhaps I'm yelling at the wrong bag? Perhaps it's supposed to be some other bag? Or perhaps some board instead?

The only place the solution is revealed is the old forum. Google didn't index the solution because the Off-Topic subforum was not visible to the guests (and web crawlers), so I logged in and found it easily. You could do the same, but if you'd rather do this as a challenge (it's more fun that way!), here are some hints for you:

  1. retrace your steps, you were headed in the right direction, and your suspicions are correct
  2. see Leo's first reply at the following link, and take a very detailed look on his screenshot, there is a clue (not immediately obvious) to the artifact you seek: Dopus crashed and the pirate cat appeared - #2 by Leo

Ohohohoho! That is the exact poster (thread) in the guild members only area (logging in) I was reading yesterday when I visited the old guild (old forums) but I did not think much about it. The devil is in the details!
Voilà! I have discovered the elusive Pirate King Kitten of Opus! I must now pledge my soul and make a contract to summon it at will. :smiley:

Thank you all for this wonderful adventure.

Oh, that cat. Konami the cat has progressed to other places since then...

There's also often something hiding off the map in a colorful place...

!? More mysteries waiting to be discovered!?

Wait wait. Is this related to the incorporeal cat that has been recently sighted running through a window? All these mysteries... waiting to be discovered!

My adventuring senses are tingling...

Does anyone know how to add a dog to the progress bar to speed-up the cat?
(yes this is a joke question for anyone who has watched the progress bar for awhile)

So it's true, I thought the progressbar cat was just a joke mockup :smiley:
I tried to see it but got bored watching the progressbar with nothing unusual happening (and I'm not sure which [beta?] version of Opus is needed, I'm on 12.3). Anyway, there will be plenty of opportunities yet to stumble upon that cat :slight_smile:

(as for Leo's colorful second hint, I'm still vigilant for that)

I'm not a big cat lover but I love this one :wink:

Ok, not sure how to get it to run again, and didn't get a screen shot, but while synchronising a large number of files, then pausing the sync for some time, a silhouette of a cat run across the bandwidth indicator on the progress bar.

Anyone else seen this?

Managed to catch a screen shot this time round, seems to be at certain intervals. This time at 19 mins, last time at exactly 12 min



Oh my god! I saw the progress cat for the first time ever today. Almost fell off my chair...

I now use the secret of konami to summon the cat when I want to impress people :slight_smile:

My life has new meaning!!!

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I also had some "progress cat" experiences during the last weeks, for the first time ever.
I kinda liked the cat, but it also made me quite unsure whether I need to worry about something going wrong on my system. o) So is it ok to have the cat, or is it not ok? Thx! o)

It's just an easter egg in beta versions.