Progress dialog disappears with multi-command button

Win 10 Pro Opus 12 .25.1
Copying folders from collection then deleting from collection
Why does the copy progress dialog window disappears
If I use this

SetAttr META "tags:-Collm"
SetAttr META "tags:+done"

The progress dialog window shows for first folder being copied
And shows other folders are in queue
After the first copy is finished the progress dialog window disappears
Files are still being copied can see then in the Job Bar
If I click the Job Bar the progress dialog window appears till that file has finished

If I Use this

SetAttr META "tags:-Collm"
SetAttr META "tags:+done"

The progress dialog window shows until all files are copied as expected
But the files are still in the collection

Is it completely disappearing or still there but under the active window or lister?

(Put another way: Is it on the taskbar or in the Alt-Tab list of windows?)

Is Preferences / File Operations / Progress Indicators / Minimize progress indicators turned on?

Completely disappears
If I double click on the Jobs Bar it reappears
Minimize is off

I've made a note to look in more detail, but I suspect the different types of progress dialogs that the different commands need may be confusing things when they're mixed together in a single button.

You could probably work around that by running them separately via a script. For example, just running each line separately:

function OnClick(clickData)
	var cmd = clickData.func.command;
	cmd.deselect = false;
	cmd.RunCommand('SetAttr META "tags:-Collm"');
	cmd.RunCommand('SetAttr META "tags:+done"');
	cmd.RunCommand('Delete REMOVECOLLECTION');

I think both parts of the SetAttr META could also be done in a single line that adds one tag and removes the other, but I haven't double-checked that.

Yes you can put both SetAttr on one line
cmd.RunCommand('SetAttr META "tags:-Collm;+done"');

Thanks for quick answer as usual.

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