Progress dialog: Peak speed doesn't seem to be shown

Manual says Peak, Average, and Current speeds are now shown on progress dialog graph area.

One on the right seems to be Current speed, Bright one on left seems to be Average speed, but other grey one on left appears to be just what the half-way line represents - rather than the Peak speed.

Below are two screengrabs of a single large file copy (first is grabbed right at the beginning on copy - where lighter grey stat on left shows 45 MB/s), while second grab shows grey stat on left at 75 MB/s.

Where is the peak stat shown ?

Also, the light greay stat on the left can be covered by the other brighter stat on the left, making the lighter grey stat hard to read.



Subject says "Average speed" but this seems to be about peak speed.

Peak speed isn't shown. The manual hasn't been updated yet, so it may refer to an old version at the moment.

Peak speed is fairly meaningless with most file transfers. It just tells you how fast data can be copied into a RAM cache for a couple of seconds right at the start of the transfer, before the cache fills up. We displayed it in the past but removed it as it generally displayed a very large number that had little to do with the real speed of the transfer.

Indeed, it is about Peak speed (title updated). - It was late and I just noticed the three figures, with the light grey scale stat on left being covered up by the Average speed stat.

Agreed, peak speed is pretty pointless metric when it is only measuring transfer to RAM cache.

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