Prompted to install 12.10 numerous times

I have one desktop (Win10 x64) that keeps prompting for installation of 12.10. I have installed 12.10 at least 3 times so I am getting a little suspicious. Today Dopus says reboot to install 12.10 and the about dialog of Dopus does say 12.9 x64. No other workstation has this problem.

So, what is the best way to handle this so I can keep macros and settings? Thank-you.

Silly question maybe but have you actually rebooted after installing it?

That was implied Jon. Saying "I have installed three times" without the reboot that Dopus requires stretches credulity but then perhaps you have seen everything in your time. I will add that this repeated upgrade notice has been happening since early October, perhaps once a week maybe.

The installer asks for a download, downloads, appears to install, asks for a reboot (and is rebooted), then fails to upgrade with no obvious error to the user. Perhaps there is a installer log but I do not see one using Everything from Void Tools.

Well, what do you think? Should I just do the dumb uninstall/reinstall or are you curious? Thanks.

When the installer is unable to replace a file immediately (e.g. when it's in use because the program is currently running), the file is copied to a temporary filename and the replacement is scheduled for the next reboot under the PendingFileRenameOperations registry key.

If you install an update, reboot and find that Opus is still on the previous version it suggests that something is interfering with the "PFRO" system.

Maybe have a look at the log (C:\Windows\PFRO.log) - it should contain entries with the string "Directory Opus" if the file replacements have failed.

The problem is fixed. I downloaded version 12.10 from the website and ran it, rebooted finding Dopus at 12.10. Previously, I was downloading and installing via the update dialog which was failing.

Looking at the PFro.log prior to this successful install, I saw no entries for the month of October - zero. Those previous attempted installs left no date-time stamps in the log. After the good install, there were several normal looking entries in PFro.log.

That's it. Got to go.

Both methods download and run the same installer, which makes the difference quite strange. Perhaps anti virus blocking things if run in a certain way?