Proper Use of Move Command

I was wondering how to properly use the move command under File-File Command - Move File

Let's say I have 10K in MP3s in a folder called r:\inbox

I use Opus to delte the junk and then I sort the folder by artist name without any problems. I want to select all the artist names from A-F to move those files to a folder such as d:\A-F
I select the files, got File-File Command-Move File- and the program starts moving the files without giving me a chance to specify the destination folder.
Where do I specify that information?

Opus uses a source and destination window concept. Watch the video tutorial, Working with multiple Opus windows/listers to learn about it.

Essentially, you navigate the "destination" file display to where you want the files to go, select what you want to copy/move in the "source" file display, then click the button to do it.

The two file displays can be in the same dual-display window or they can be in two separate single-display windows.

Also, you can make a "Move" button which asks you for the destination if you want to work that way. Create a button, menu item or hotkey which runs this command:

Copy MOVE TO=ask

For an introduction to creating your own buttons, watch the Toolbars 1 video tutorial.

Also (for the benefit of the original poster), if there is only file display active, the Move command will ask for a destination.