"Properties" option in the context menu is grayed out when files/folders from different locations are selected. Bug?

As the title says when multiple files or folders from different locations are selected in Windows "Search Results" or Dopus "Find Results" or Dopus "Duplicate Files" and so on "Properties" option is not available(grayed out), while Properties button works without an issue(or at least it looks so). The same happens to Set Label and Status menus.

I have attached a small archive with the same files and folder structure that is shown on the screenshots above just in case.
P.S. Software: Directory Opus 12.3.3 beta, Windows 7 SP1 x64.
6.7z (354 Bytes)
6.7z (354 Bytes)

This is strange, the same happens even in Flat View, no matter what I can't set label from the context menu when files from different folders are selected... :confused:

Maybe I am missing something and there is an option to activate the grayed out parts of the context menu? Could somebody with more knowledge on the subject help, please?

P.S. I am sorry about double posting I am newbie it terms of using discourse engine and I just pushed the wrong button. :sweat:

Thanks for the report. It was an old kludge added to block the Properties command which used to not work properly when run on files in different folders. No longer needed obviously so we'll remove it.

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Wonderful! :grinning:
Thank you for looking into this and for the explanation. :slight_smile: