"Properties unavailable" error message

Just installed DOpus U on my Win 7 32-bit machine. Yes, I know it's an old version, but I own a license, and I'm retiring an old 32-bit XP machine so I was hoping I could install it here.

When I right-click on any file and ask to see Properties, anywhere, I get an error dialog that says "The properties for this item are unavailable." I've tried running DOpus as administrator, but that doesn't help.

When I run the regular Windows explorer and right-click/Properties, it works just fine.

Any thoughts?

Opus 8 had some issues with Vista/Win7 which are fixed in Opus 9 (and 10, of course).

Opus 8 is not suitable for Windows 7. Opus 8 was developed for windows 98 and runs on XP at the best. it is not supported and should not be used on Vista or Windows 7 etc. You've upgraded the OS so upgrade the programs to ones compatible with the OS. Using old software on a newer OS is not a sensible idea and will simply lead you into trouble.