Protected path in Find Duplicates mode

I've been de-duplicating some data lately. I know you can sort by location and then select and delete files in one path only, but that doesn't work if you have duplicates you want to keep in one path.

What I'd like is the ability to say "never delete duplicates under this path".

It's a shame symbolic links are kinda rubbish on Windows, and shortcuts aren't understood by many apps. Otherwise I'd suggest a feature to convert duplicates under one path into one of those.

Have you tried suppressing the path with a filter?

Sorry, what do you mean?

The Duplicate Files panel allows the use of a filter:

You can set up a filter that avoids a certain path.

I'm not sure how that helps though. What I want to do is check for duplicates between two paths, but only ever remove files from one of them. If I filter one of the paths it won't find any duplicates.

You should be able to get the duplicates list, deselect everything, and then only select things below the path you want to delete from (e.g. using Edit > Select by Pattern). The only issue would be if the duplicates are only below that path and you don't want to delete all of them.

(This is something we plan to make easier in the future.)

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Thanks Leo, that does work. It's still scary enough that I make a backup first, because checking every line when you have 100k duplicate files is not practical, but the result was as expected.

There's usually a way to do things in Opus, the challenge is remembering them. Actually I'm not sure I ever knew that one of the options for pattern select is the full path, although it's the kind of thing I'd assume was there.

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