Protected RAR

If I extract a RAR which is password-protected there's no warning if the password is wrong and the files will not be deleted.

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I can confirm this.

A workaround is to use WinRAR itself to open RAR archives.
The Open Action for RAR files is then "yourpath\WinRAR.exe" "%1"

I don't know if it is possible to correct this problem.
The only information Directory Opus has on RAR archives is what has been released by authors of this archive format.

We'll have to wait and see what other people think about this.


I've created a passworded RAR Archive available for download.
It is a passworded RAR Archive of the most recent Opus 82 Changes.pdf file.

The correct password is DOpus.
Opus 82 Changes.rar (212 KB)

Yes, I use WinRAR (context menu). But sometimes I use DOpus' RAR, because it's easier to drag'n'drop files.

I have tried to correct this. The attached dlls are for the Unicode version of DOpus. It's better but not perfect.

Regards, Norbert (137 KB)

Great, thank you very much.

I know it's better to talk about 'fixing' what is wrong such as Nosh has done rather than more workarounds... but if you do indeed happen to have WinRAR installed, and only look for integration in Opus as a matter of convenience, another thing you can do is to add a drop menu action in Opus file type editor (if you are also 'hiding' windows context items in Opus preferences) for RAR files that runs the following command:


This will hook into WinRAR's drop extension handler to give you the drop menu options when RMB dragging RAR files. You can do similar to the regular context menu to give you regular RMB menu options from WinRAR.