PSD thumbnails/miniatures size

Hi to everybody
I'm using Directory Opus v.12.29 x64.
In some folders I have both .JPG and PSD images. When I select "View miniatures" the miniatures for .JPG files are well viewable while the .PSD miniature are very small and not viewable.

Any hint ???

Thanks in Advance

Try changing Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: psd_image_preference to use the full image for thumbnails instead of the embedded thumbnail.

Thanks :slight_smile: It works !!!

Some more info I missed in the first post. The O.S. is Win10 and the problem happens when editing images with PS 22.5. If I use the older PS CS6 the miniatures maintain their original (viewable) format.

Let me add that imo Directory Opus is by far the best filemanager around. It saves me tons of work hours and clicks :slight_smile:

Very glad to have bought it. The best deal I've made since years !!!