PSD Transparency Again

I have just got stuck into using Opus 12.1 and have come across a problem that I saw occasionally in version 11. However, it seems much more prevalent in 12.1.

The scenario is that I have a Photoshop PSD file with transparency which I open to edit. All goes well until I try to save the file, when Photoshop says that the file cannot be saved as it is in use by another process.

When I go to Opus a see my file in the Lister, but it has a file name of say ps7BC9.tmp. If I delete this file and then ask Photoshop to save all is OK.

If I go into the Photoshop preferences and turn off the compatibility mode for saving PSD files and try saving again - there is no problem.

Fine thinks I. problem fixed. However eventually I open and edit another Photoshop PSD and save it. In Opus all I get is a white oblong. I have to turn the compatibility mode on again to get a thumbnail of the edited picture. I suspect from the age of these photos they have originally been processed in a much earlier version of Photoshop than CC 2015.5, which is what I am using

As a temporary fix I have set Photoshop to ask me with every PSD whether I want compatibility mode. This at least saves me having to go to Opus to delete the TMP file until it is more convenient to do so.

BY the way I got both images into the screenshot by turning off the compatibility mode.

I'm not sure which part of this is the question.

You need to use compatibility mode in Photoshop if you want previews to show up in Opus.

Are the issues you're having with Photoshop and its tmp files related to Opus or just background information?

What's the connection to transparency? I'm a bit lost, sorry.

If I use compatibility mode in Photoshop for saving PSDs the result very often is the creation of the temp files as shown in my screenshot. It is a nuisance because I have to delete the tmp file and then re-save the PSD. It does not happen with PSDs that do not have transparency as far as I can see, nor does it happen with JPEGs of TIFF files. It is definitely an issue between Photoshop and Dopus. Why do I sometimes (quite often) see these darned tmp files, but sometimes not? It does not seem to happen in Explorer

Going out of compatibility mode is Photoshop is not something that I would not normally do, but if I do, so I can save the file even though the temp file is still present. This strikes me as distinctly strange. Incidentally, I have no problem in either seeing a thumbnail or a viewer preview of the file created with compatibility mode turned off. Though it can lead to other problems, I realise.

I seem to remember, but I am not that sure, that there was an issue with these temp files at one stage relating to the writing of metadata to PSD files in Opus 11.

I have to idea what the connection to transparency is, but the problem only occurs with files that have transparency. Maybe it is something to do with the way Photoshop saves files with Alpha channels. Maybe it saves the file to a tmp file that is then immediately overwritten, and for some reason this is not always happening. But it is a very real issue between Photoshop and DOpus.

Please disregard this report of PSD transparency problems. It is an Adobe Photoshop problem caused by using the Liquefy Filter (something i use a fair bit, and which also explains the apparent random nature of the problem). Apparently if you have the environment variable for temp file set to the temp in user, you can get this problem. The solution is to reset the environmental variable to point at C:\TEMP. As soon as I did this literally hundreds of temp files are written to c:\ temp.

Apparently a component in the Liquefy filter is coded to expect C:\temp to be set as the environment for temp files.

Sorry to have wasted your time