Pull-down menus do not appear in searching (v.12.x with WinXP SP3)

The image may well explain what happens in DO v.12, including the last 12.19, with WinXP Sp3. No problem with version 11.x.

The dash-line arrow, indicates that in such a case the menu sometimes appears correctly. But not always. Changing the number before (number of weeks, days, etc) triggers sometimes the correct pop-up. Otherwise the pull down menu does not appear. In the other cases (plain-line arrow) I never saw the pull-down menu.
It works only with keyboard arrows if the field is selected, but it is not so user friendly.

That's due to XP not automatically sizing drop-downs, which newer versions of Windows do.

I'll see if we can fix this, but it's really, really time to stop using Windows XP. It has been unsupported by Microsoft for years now and modern development tools won't run on it at all.

Thanks @Leo for the prompt reply and possible fix.
What is strange is that the first two pop-down menus in the figure (rating-match and date-match) work perfectly.
WinXP is old yes, but I am sorry to say it is still a great one!

XP is great if you want malware, and to not be able to run any new software. :slight_smile:

Please also link your account if you'd like us to look into this.