Put in Trash, eternal wait get the job done

I've posted same some years ago, got patrionized dopus guys "it is not true, we use same send to trash as the Microsoft guys".

And, in the year 2023 - it is still mind-boggling sending to the trash in Directory Opus 1) most unusual freeze up my [Tower Computer (AMD 9-39 on a X570, 64 Gb RAM, [2:nd slot] NV GF RTX 3080 to a freeze state, 2) less seldom after eternal wait get all DO processes unresponsive, 3) least to every time a modal dialog “processing..” blocking me from interacting opened layouts.

Am I to guess this my new post the DO guys will once again respond “It works for me” “You can not have any problem because we do not”

I am a back alley cat. [Some years ago] Last 3 years as a consultant I worked in CIF, Ericsson. CIF collected all 100(?) small written SW, each monitoring all the new 3D network.

So.. you pretend I know nothing? ..

The Recycle Bin is managed by Windows. We just give it a list of files to delete and Windows is responsible for what then happens, as I have explained to you more than once before.

No one else is complaining about it here except you, which should tell you Opus isn't the trigger in what's going wrong. If Opus made the Recycle Bin slow, the forum would be full of complaints, and you could easily compile a list of them, but that just isn't the case.

However, if you search the web you can find HUNDREDS of people on various tech forums complaining about the same issue happening with deletes in File Explorer, and it has been going on for YEARS. (I've seen the problem as well, although only very occasionally.) The problem can affect anything that uses the Recycle Bin.

You can keep insisting this is due to Opus, and starting new threads, and insulting us and bringing up your experience all you want, but it won't change reality. The issue is in Windows. We don't know why it happens, as it's not happening in our code. It can happen on some systems both with and without Opus. It has nothing to do with Opus. We cannot fix it, because we aren't causing it.

Most likely it's a corrupt Recycle Bin or antivirus slowing things down (and maybe treating operations by different programs with more scrutiny than others). But I can only guess, because it's happening in Windows code I have no ability to see, let alone wrote or work on.


Windows recycle bin is finicky at best. That is why I developed the habit over the years to SHIFT-DELETE my files. Nothing to do with Opus.

In fact, I find the delete operation with Opus much more efficient than it used to be with explorer.

Does that mean you always do that?

If so, might as well might as well turn off use of the Recycle Bin entirely and dispense with Shift.