Put overflowing tabs on multiple lines

I'd like to request that as tabs accumulate in the pane, that instead of having that little back/forward arrow that appears to get to the additonal tabs, to have the tabs placed on multiple lines. I got the idea form Total Commander, and I find it much more useful and way faster than those little arrows. And it also allows you to see all the tabs at once. I have attached what I mean by this in case I didn't explain it clearly.


I understand the request but my own opinion is that multi-line tabs are a horrible user interface style. There are too many things to look at which makes it almost impossible to quickly find the tab you want. Also, selecting a tab in a row other than the bottom one causes the rows to jump around making it even harder to navigate.

Have a look at http://homepage.mac.com/bradster/iarchitect/tabs.htm for some more opinions on this.

I knew you were going to say that! However, could you make it an option? Here's my reasoning...if you did have an enormous amount of tabs like you showed, then (in my opinion) the arrows are even less efficient since you'd have to press it a few times to scroll over to the end. I would much rather have the rows jump around than to scroll on that arrow 6-10 times, and then scroll back. What do you think?

OK, ok. I read your link; great article by the way! So, I'll admit that maybe the multi-row tabs are pretty bad. But I don't think the scroll arrow is much better given the same situation. How about this? A drop down list of the additional tabs where your scroll arrows are? That way we can quickly jump to the beginning or the end without having to scroll through all the tabs in between? Yeah? How does that sound?

I have to admit I like the drop-down idea a lot more :slight_smile:

I'll give it some thought.

Anyone else have any comments?

A drop-down, like the >> menu you get on toolbars, makes a lot of sense.

I don't 'often' have too many tabs open, but there are plenty of times I'm in dual-display mode where I have enough that the scroll arrows cause me a little bit of grief. I think the drop down idea fits in rather nicely as well.