PuTTY integration


I just bought DO and I think I have misunderstood the sFTP/SSH integration. Prior to purchasing DO I thought I read that DO used PuTTY for sFTP/SSH connections, but clearly it's not the case.

DO doesn't support key-agent among other things, rendering it quite useless since we can't use certificates etc. Is there a way to make DO use PuTTY in proper way?

Most sFTP programs supports key-agent/Keepass this out-of-the-box, like FileZilla, WinSCP, PuTTY, etc.

Please advice.

Opus uses parts of the PuTTY code for sftp.

This guide explains using ssh certificates with Opus: SSH: How to log in using key files


Yes, that's the the way we use PuTTY, with Pageant I mean. After reading the thread I got it to work. The problem was that the password entry in the bookmark was empty. I just had to put in a space to make it work.


Is there a roadmap for SSH keys to be directly supported within Opus?

It's on the list for a future version but no timescale yet. For now it is possible to use Pagent.

You may find the following button helpful:

Also have a look at SSHFS which, I've got successfully working with Dopus. it has the option of password or key based authentication.