Q: Inline navigation using keyboard


Since DO takes over all Windows Explorer function, it seems it also takes over some "weird" clunky behaviours.
When renaming (inline) for example, I select words using CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT, unfortunately this has the weird habit of also selecting the space that follows the last word.
Is that a Windows flaw, and in that case, is it possible to make DO behave correctly by not selecting the last space when inline selecting using the keyboard ?
I do these kinds of things hundreds of times a day, and I really wonder what the original purpose was of including that space at the end when it is supposed to select WORDS.

This is Windows inline edit behavior. When users select two words, for example, and cut them, they want the initial space eliminated; otherwise you end up with file names, or sentences, that begin with space(s).

Let go of the control key after selecting, and hit left arrow once.

Ah, I never thought about the other way around. Guess have to live with it.
Thanks again MrC :slight_smile: