[Q] Single Instance


  • Just having a look at 8.x and cannot seem to be able to only have one instance of Directory Opus at any one time. ie.

  • I have Windows Eplorer integration turned on

  • I like a default view of a dual verital view

  • I often open paths by using the start menu run option as: C:\MyFolder, C:\SomeOtherFolder Its a habit and I keep forgetting to switch to Directory Opus (DO) before doing that

  • So what I want is every time I enter a path in the "run command" dialog is that it opens it as a new tab on say the top pane in DO that is already running.

Is this possible? I have looked at all the options and cannot seem to make this happen.

All suggestions etc. welcomed.


You can do this by editing the Folder filetype.

Open up the Opus Filetype editor (Settings, Filetypes...) and expand the System File Types list at the bottom. There will be an item near the top that looks like this:

b Folder[/b]

Edit this one. (Don't get it confused with the All folders item in the top Directory Opus File Types list -- that isn't the one you want.)

On the Actions tab, double click the open action. By default it will look like this:

Type: [b]DDE Command[/b] Application: [b]"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /dde[/b] DDE Message: [b][NewLister("%L", %I)][/b] AppName: [b]DOpus[/b] Topic: [b]AppProperties[/b] Not Running: [b][NewLister("%L", %I)][/b]
Change the command to this instead (when you change the Type it will hide most of the other fields):

Type: [b]Run an application[/b] Application: [b]"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /cmd go "%1" newtab[/b]

:sunglasses: Thanks heaps that worked perfectly

I just tried to this, and now when I click on "my computer" it opens up as an empty tab if a lister is already open, or does nothing at all if its not.

The command I used on the (None) Folder Type was copied and pasted from the one you posted.


Hmm... Bugger. :slight_smile:

I think the best solution would be for Opus to explicitly support an "open double-clicked folders in new tabs" mode. Seems quite a few people want it all of the current solutions have issues.