Question about column widths in folder formats

Hi all.

I'm trying to get a content type folder format the way I like it but I'm not having much luck. I want a combination of fixed-width and autosizing columns, but it doesn't seem to be possible. Am I doing something wrong, is this behaviour intentional, or is it bugged?

I've selected my columns and set pixel widths for some of them, leaving the rest blank. The user manual says "If no width is specified, a default width (or automatic width) is used" so I assume that the undefined columns will auto-size.

On the Display tab of the format editor, if I leave the "Auto-size columns" option unticked, then the columns whose widths I set manually will be the right size, but none of the others will: Each of these columns always has the same width when I reload the folder (undoing any resizing I did on the fly), but they're not all the same width as each other. Some of them are too small for their content, some too big, none are just right.

If I tick the box, then all of the columns autosize, whether I want them to or not.

So, is it me getting it wrong or is it DOpus?

Thanks in advance.

The auto-size option overrides all column widths.

If the option is off then all column widths are fixed, and any unspecified widths will use a fixed default for that column.

If you want some variable width columns to be fixed width and others to auto-size, there isn't currently a good way to do that (outside of scripting, perhaps, but that also depends a bit on the type of column).

OK, I guess I live with it, then. Thanks anyway.