Question about copying/moving files without folder structure (just the files)


I have following question: Does Directory Opus support merging of target folders after copying/moving? Ie copy/move all selected files in a folder structure to a single folder?


source folder c:\a contains files, contains c:\a\b subfolder containing files,

target folder: c:\b

would only contain all files of c:\a including files in c:\a\b but just the files, not the folder structure.

Thanks for clarification.


Yes, there are a few ways to do that.

e.g. Turn on Flat View in the source, select all the files, then click Copy Files and it will ask if you want to flatten everything or preserve the folder structure.

Another way is to find everything you want to copy using Tools > Find Files, then select it all and copy to the destination.

thanks, that worked.

However could this feature be integrated in the copy action itself? (after pressing ctrl-v ask a question to copy folder structure or just the files)?

You could do that using a script but it would be lot more effort.

You can add FLATVIEWCOPY=single to the Copy command (requires flat view file display).

To move all files from selected folders to the source folder, use